Ciprian Cimpan

IRFD Postdoctoral fellow, Industrial Ecology Programme

Background and activities

I am a postdoctoral fellow funded by the Danish Independent Research Fund (IRFD).

In my current work, I aim to elaborate a modelling framework which enables measuring, at relative high resolution, potential effects of circularity interventions in the EU Plastics Sector on resource efficiency and environmental impacts. The modelling approach will combine a higher sectoral resolution given by material flow analysis (MFA) and process-based life cycle assessment (LCA), with the economy-wide completeness of input-output analysis (IOA).


I have a PhD in Energy and Environmental Efficient Technologies (2016) from the University of Southern Denmark (SDU). My research work at SDU involved environmental and techno-economic analysis of collection, sorting and treatment systems for municipal solid waste, circular economy in electronics and e-waste, and the role of waste-to-energy in the Danish energy system.

Scientific publications

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Cimpan, C. & Wenzel, H. (2013) Energy implications of mechanical and mechanical-biological treatment compared to direct waste-to-energy. Waste Management 33, 1648-16.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

Journal publications