Background and activities

Cristiano Gratton is Ph.D. candidate at the Department of Electronic Systems. He is a member of the Signal Processing Group. He received both B.Sc. and M.Sc. in mathematics from University of Udine (Italy) in 2014 and 2017, respectively. His supervisor is Professor Stefan Werner from the Department of Electronic Systems at NTNU and his co-supervisor is Reza Arablouei from the CSIRO's Data 61 in Pullenvale (Australia).


  • Distributed optimization
  • Private data analysis


     Spring 2018

  • TT8111 Signal and Estimation Theory
  • TT8001 Statistical Pattern Recognition

     Fall 2018

  • MA8704 Probability Theory and Asymptotic Techniques
  • NFUT0104 Norwegian for Foreigners, Level 1

     Spring 2019

  • TT8108 PhD Seminar in Signal Processing (Convex Optimization and beyond)
  • NFUT0207 Norwegian for Foreigners, Level 2


     Fall 2018

  •  TTT4120 Digital Signal Processing

     Spring 2019

  • TTT4275 Estimation, Detection and Classification

     Fall 2019

  •  TTT4120 Digital Signal Processing

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