Background and activities

Discipline / Work Area

I am a PhD candidate at the Department of Electric Power Engineering under the supervision of Prof. Elisabetta Tedeschi and financed by the LowEmission Research Centre.

The LowEmission Research Centre is developping new technologies and concepts for offshore energy systems, energy efficiency and integration with renewable power production technologies for application on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

The aim of my PhD is to investigate and propose new control strategies for guaranteeing the stability in oil and gas platforms with significant renewable energy integration. Within this framework, the following research questions arise:

  • The electrical grid of an oil and gas platform is considerably larger than a microgrid but still much smaller than a country-wide power system. How can the emerging techniques for the analysis of the stability of microgrids and the ones for large grids dominated by solar and wind be applied to this specific platform scenario?
  • Will the analysis of the stability of an oil and gas platform with significant contribution of wind energy demand a hybrid approach combining different aspects of microgrids and large grids?  
  • Which are the root causes of instabilities in a platform's electrical grid with significant contribution of renewables?
  • Is it possible to properly discern rotor angle, voltage, frequency, and harmonic instabilities?  Which tools are appropriate for analysis and assessment of each type of instability?
  • Which cooperative strategies for energy storage, virtual inertia, flexible loads, and multifunctional inverters can be explored for avoiding or mitigating instabilities?
  • How to investigate the causes for instabilities and assess the applicable mitigating strategies with the help of practical experiments performed at the National Smart Grid Laboratory (hosted by the Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering in cooperation with other NTNU faculties)?

Areas of Interest

My research interests include: power system stability and control, AC micro-grids, power electronics for renewable and distributed power systems, electrical machines and excitation systems.

Academic Background

  • 2007-2010 University of São Paulo - Brazil
  • 2001-2002 École nationale supérieure d'électricité et de mécanique - ENSEM - Nancy - France
    • Exchange student on a Brazilian-French International Scholarship Programme
  • 1998-2003 University of São Paulo - Brazil
    • Electrical Engineering with emphasis on energy and automation
    • Graduation project: Comparison between two control structures for voltage regulator of hydrogenerators (in Portuguese, at



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  • Mota, Daniel; Alves, Erick Fernando; Tedeschi, Elisabetta. (2021) Dual Sequence Controller with Delayed Signal Cancellation in the Rotating Reference Frame. 2021 IEEE 22nd Workshop on Control and Modelling of Power Electronics (COMPEL).