Background and activities

Architect NTH, 1974. PhD. 2006. Professor at the Department of Architectural History and Technology. Has worked as planner in Selbu municipality, architect at Asplan Viak and research director at SINTEF. The research field is sustainable protection and development of urban heritage.


2006  Philosophiae Doctor (PhD) in Architectural History with the thesis: “The wooden town of Trondheim – A study of an urban planning discourse”

1985  NORDPLAN, Nordic Institute for community planning, Stockholm

1974  Master in Architecture at Norwegian University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture and Fine Art,                   

1969   Examen artium, Firda gymnas

Professional experience

2015 - Department of Architectural Design, History and Technology 

            Position: Professor,  Field of work: Research within Architectural and Urban conservation

2010 – 2013 Faculty of Architecture and Fine Art, Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

             Position:  Vice Dean of Research and Architectural and Artistic Development.

2009 - 2015 Faculty of Architecture and Fine Art. Department of Urban Design and Planning

              Position:  Professor, Field of work: Teaching and research on sustainable urban development 

2006 - 2009  SINTEF Building and Infrastructure

              Position:   Senior Researcher / Research manager

2003 - 2006  Faculty of Architecture and Fine Art at NTNU 

              Position:  Research fellow / PhD-candidate

1996 - 2003   SINTEF Civil and Environmental Engineering

               Position: Research Director.  

               Field of work: Leader of Department of Architecture and Building Technology

1992-     SINTEF Architecture and Building Technology.

               Posiition: Research Director. 

               Field of  work: Leader of research department within architecture and building technology

1983-      NORCONSULT AS, Short time engagement 

               Field of work: Development of Master Directive Plans for several towns in the Al Quassim Region in Saudi Arabia.

1980-  92 Asplan Trondheim AS 

Position:                Group leader

Field of work:         Area plans/-analyses. Environmental impact analyses.

1978-80                 Asplan AS Molde

Position:                Architect

Field of work:         Development of county plans

1975-77                 Municipality of Selbu

Position:                Municipal planner

Field of work:         Master plans, zoning plans, executive work

1974-                     Department of Town and Regional Planning, NTH

Position:                Research assistant

Field of work:         Teaching  and research  

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


  • Kittang, Dag; Time, Berit. (2017) Forum Wood Building / Nordic Trondheim 17. 2017. ISBN 978-82-7551-2060-.
  • Nyrud, Anders Q.; Kristian, Bysheim; Tina, Bringslimark; Kittang, Dag; Time, Berit. (2017) Does elements of nature have a healing effect? The impact of wooden materials and landscape pictures in patient rooms. 2017. ISBN 978-82-7551-2060-.
  • Kittang, Dag. (2014) Trebyen Trondheim - modernisering og vern. Ein studie av byplandebatten 1960 - 2005. Fagbokforlaget. 2014. ISBN 978-82-450-1719-9.

Part of book/report

  • Kittang, Dag. (2019) Aksjonisme og bymiljøvernet. Fortidsminneforeningens Årbok 2019 Aktivisme.
  • Kittang, Dag. (2019) Byutvikling mellom tradisjon og modernitet. Bysamfunn.
  • Kittang, Dag. (2017) How does the carbon-neutral settlement of Brøset contribute to a new planning paradigm in planning the urban fabric?. Urban Planning and Environment. Nordic Experiences of Sustainable Planning. Policy and Pract.
  • Kittang, Dag. (2014) The Carbon-neutral Settlement of Broeset. Towards a new paradigm in urban planning?. Cities in transformation : research & design : ideas, methods, techniques, tools, case studies.
  • Kittang, Dag; Larssæther, Stig. (2014) Eco-technic or Eco-centric? A study of Discourses on Sustainable Urban Fabric and Transport. Utopia Revisited. Towards a Carbon-Neutral Neighborhood at Brøset.
  • Thomsen, Judith; Kittang, Dag; Manum, Bendik. (2014) Sustainable Transport - Approaches and Challenges. Utopia Revisited. Towards a Carbon-Neutral Neighborhood at Brøset.
  • Kittang, Dag. (2011) Mot ei berekraftig byutvikling. ARKITEKTUR I HUNDRE - Arkitektutdanningen i Trondheim 1910 - 2010.


  • Kittang, Dag. (2018) PICH Comparison report - Historic Urban Core. 2018.
  • Kittang, Dag. (2018) The impact of urban planning and governance reform on the historic built environment and intangible cultural heritage (PICH). 2018. ISBN 978-94-6186-923-4.
  • Kittang, Dag; Bye, Mette. (2018) Country report Norway. 2018.
  • Kittang, Dag; Bye, Mette. (2018) The historic urban core - Case study of the warehouses in Kjøpmannsgata. PICH case study 1. 2018.
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