Background and activities

Enthusiastic marine engineer with over six years of experience in the industry and academia. Passionate about marine engineering, marketing, and innovation. Motivated to learn, grow, and excel in the marine industry. 

In his master's thesis, he worked on the seakeeping analysis and control system design for motion control of a crew transfer vessel (CTV) to safe crew transfer to offshore wind turbines. Currently, he is a PhD candidate in Marine Hydrodynamics, working on improving the ship efficiency at sea in order to have more greener shipping. Various aspects of ship design are covered in the project, including hydrostatics, calm water resistance,  added resistance due to waves and winds, seakeeping, propulsion system, hull design, and environmental analysis. The project's aim is to propose effective methods to improve the ship design for real sea states, resulting in environmentally friendly shipping.

 The project mainly aims to answer the following question:

Should ships be designed for calm water or real sea state?

Other objectives are as follows:

  • Finding reliable solutions to design ships efficient in seaways 
  • Design ships with more energy-efficient to be close to IMO targets 
  • Finding general solutions efficient for different categories of ships

Supervisor: Prof. Sverre Steen

Co-supervisors: Prof. Kourosh Koushan, Prof. Stein Ove Erikstad

He is involved in the following volunteer activities:

  • Head of Marketing and Creative Team at TEDx Trondheim
  • Organizer of IMT webinars
  • Organizer in Technical Thursday events at IMT
  • Organizer in IMT PhDs & PostDOCs Social team
  • IMT communication team
  • Reviewers in the journals of Marine Science and Technology (2018-) and Ocean Engineering (2020-)
  • Member of Norwegian Red Cross


Journal Publications