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  • Filippopoulos, Iason; Catthoor, Francky; Kjeldsberg, Per Gunnar; Hammari, Elena; Huisken, Jos. (2012) Memory-Aware System Scenario Approach Energy Impact. Proceedings of the 30th Norchip Conference, NORCHIP12.
  • Hammari, Elena; Catthoor, Francky; Kjeldsberg, Per Gunnar; Huisken, Jos; Tsakalis, Konstantinos; Iasemidis, Leonidas. (2012) Identifying Data-Dependent System Scenarios in a Dynamic Embedded System. PROCEEDINGS OF THE 2012 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ENGINEERING OF RECONFIGURABLE SYSTEMS & ALGORITHMS.
  • Hammari, Elena; Catthoor, Francky; Huisken, Jos; Kjeldsberg, Per Gunnar. (2010) Application Of Medium-Grain Multiprocessor Mapping Methodology To Epileptic Seizure Predictor. Proceedings of the 28th Norchip Conference, NORCHIP 2010.
  • Aas, Einar Johan; Larsen, Bjørn B.; Hammari, Elena. (2008) Cryptographic Design Project. 7th European Workshop on Microelectronics Education, Proceedings.