Background and activities

I graduated from NTNU in 2015 with a Master of Science from the study program Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology with a specialization in material science. I was involved in two main projects during my master studies; the investigation of material degradation of intravascular catheters (PICC-lines) for use in cancer treatment (project thesis),  and the development of ceramic membranes for oxygen separation based on hexagonal manganites (master thesis). 

My PhD project is part of the MoZEES research center, a Norwegian Research Center on Zero Emission Energy Systems with focus on battery- and hydrogen technology for transport applications. I focus mainly on the application of high-voltage cathode materials in Li-ion batteries, and specifically on the stabilization of the cathode/electrolyte interface at high voltages. I am exploring coating of the cathode material and new electrolyte systems such as ionic liquid electrolytes and solid state electrolytes as possible strategies to stabilize the batteries at high voltages.


Scientific, academic and artistic work

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