Background and activities

I am Associate Professor in drama and theatre studies at the Department of Arts and Media Studies with a previous career as stage director, dramaturg and drama teacher. I am a theatre scholar and a trained  dramatherapist MA and Associate teacher of Fitzmaurice voicework. I like to teach and conduct research through a combination of practice and theory. How do we stage ourselves? What kind of powers are at stake? How do we facilitate and organize arts processes that create new meaning, good health and have sociatal relevance?

Main research projects 2018:

  • Book project: Theatre Production, chapter on ensemble-led theatre production based on script.
  • Book project: Somatic practices and contemporary voice studies, chapter on Fitzmaurice Voicework®. Artsbased research project under ARTEC is included as autoetnographic study and performance.
  • Dramatherapy with persons outside main stream working force: research project with Ville Veier, Stavanger, social entrepreneurship that uses artsbased methods with intention of inclusion, growth and new learning.

Research groups:

Arts-based Research, communal focus on performative and arts-based research design in drama and theatre 

NTNU ARTEC, cross facultary Arts and Technology Task Force 


Writers' Guild of Norway

The British Association of Dramatherapists

The European Federation of Dramatherapy

The Fitzmaurice Institute




Scientific, academic and artistic work

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