Background and activities

I received my bachelor's degree in Information Technology (IT) in 2009, and a master's degree in Computer Engineering–Software in 2012. After that, I was the head of department and a university lecturer for several years. 

My research interests include AI, image processing, software development process, intelligent traffic management systems, and traffic safety. The main focus of my research is to explore the feasibility of modern vehicles (e.g., AV) to collect traffic data of the surrounded vehicles. The research motivation is to use modern vehicles as mobile sensors and replace them with stationary sensors. An essential part of this study is to design mathematical models and develop new algorithms to extract the traffic data via a video by considering the requirements of the traffic management systems. 


During my PhD, I have been involved in some education tasks and projects as follows:

  • Assignment coordinator in "Advanced software engineering" course
  • Supervisor in "Customer driven project" course
  • Organizer of "Monthly ISSE Meeting"
  • Participated in the "IDUN-from PhD to Professor" project 

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications

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  • Namazi, Elnaz; Mester, Rudolf; Lu, Chaoru; Li, Jingyue. (2021) Geolocation estimation of target vehicles using neural network-based image processing and geometric computations. 2021.
  • Namazi, Elnaz; Mester, Rudolf; Lu, Chaoru; Log, Markus Metallinos; Li, Jingyue. (2021) Improving vehicle localization with two low-cost GPS receivers. 2021.