Background and activities

I am an architect and PhD candidate within the field of architecture.

My research is an investigation in architecture as a medium in a therapeutic process, as well as an investigation in the architectural process as a therapeutic activity in itselfThis means a focus on experiential, emotional, and psychological aspects of the embodiment of architectural making.

The research emanate from my active participation together with people in projects of architectural making. To actively be part of the process enables me to both investigate methods of working with an architecture that is open and exploratory, and in moments during the way, capture meanings and aspects that an architectural process can contain and enable for the ones involved. 

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Part of book/report

  • Støa, Eli; Henriksson, Erika; Hauge, Åshild Lappegard; Denizou, Karine. (2014) In Between - Creating Home in Temporary Dwelling Situations for Asylum Seekers in Norway. EDRA45 New Orleans: Building with Change. Conference Proceedings.