Background and activities

Fabian got his bachelor and master degree in metallurgy and materials science from University of Indonesia (Indonesia, 2006), and Yeungnam University (South Korea, 2013), respectively. Before starting his doctoral study in NTNU on February 2017 at Department of Materials Science & Engineering, he was working in integrated steelmaking industry for 9 years on production & technology division.

Under supervision of Jafar Safarian, Leiv Kolbeinsen (co-supervisor), and Yongxiang Yang (co-supervisor), he is working on hydrometallurgical treatment of Al2O3-containing slags for alumina production. This work is an alternative method to beneficiate bauxite ore with high iron content which was originally invented by Pedersen in Norway (1920). 

His work is funded by NTNU and the research domain 5 in the Norwegian research centre for metal production. His profile as associated PhD student of SFI Metal Production can be seen here.

Scientific, academic and artistic work