Background and activities


I am a PhD candidate working within the FACET group at NTNU.

My PhD work aims to investigate layered hexagonal materials for use in energy technology, with focus on synthesis, processing and characterization. 


I have a wide experience with procesing and synthesis of ceramic oxides, making bulk powders from solid state synthesis and nanocrystalline powders from wet chemical methods. My focus is mainly on ceramic processing and characterization, using X-ray diffraction (XRD) in different temperatures and atmospheres, electron microscopy (SEM), dilatometry, and thermogravimetric analysis (TGA).

Popular science work

I have a passion for popular science, and love presenting science and research in a fun and engaging way. I have talked about the fantastic world of material science at Researcher's Night at NTNU for high school students, had talks about science and technology in classrooms for 6th graders, and had multiple popular science talks about my research on stage.

Norwegian talks

"Døra til miljøvennlig oksygen" Forsker Grand Prix 2020, Regional finale

"Korleis redde verda med membranar" PhD Grand Prix 2019, vinnerforedrag

English talks

"New solutions for the oxygen industry" TEDx Trondheim 2020 - Leading lights


I have a master's degree in materials science and engineering, from the Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology study program (2018).