Background and activities

Postdoc for Cryptographic Tools for Cloud Security project and member of the NTNU applied cryptology group. Formerly PhD student and Postdoc at the University of Bristol.


Research interests:

Cryptography, Information Security, Cloud Storage, Public-Key Cryptography, Related-Key Security, Deduplication, Key-Dependent Message Security, Number Theory.


Research Papers:

  • Side channels in deduplication: trade-offs between leakage and efficiency
    Frederik Armknecht, Colin Boyd, Gareth T. Davies, Kristian Gjøsteen and Mohsen Toorani
    AsiaCCS 2017. Proceedings [here] or full version available at [ePrint]
  • KDM security in the hybrid framework
    Gareth T. Davies and Martijn Stam. 
    CT-RSA 2014. Proceedings [here] or full version available at [ePrint].
  • RKA-KDM secure encryption from public-key encryption
    Florian Böhl, Gareth T. Davies and Dennis Hofheinz. 
    PKC 2014. Proceedings [here] or full version available at [ePrint].


PhD Thesis:

Encryption in the Presence of Key-Dependent Messages and Related-Key Attacks (2015) [here]


Professional Activities:

Contact me via email for PC or review requests.