Background and activities

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My research at NTNU was within inter-disciplinary EU projects on low-carbon lifestyles, sustainable well-being and <life-cycle informed> resource efficiency.

I applied Industrial Ecology tools to connect fundamental human needs and social practices to socio-economic metabolism and global environmental impact. I worked across disciplines and collaborated with psychologists, anthropologists, economist, etc. to investigate the nuances of the sustainability transformation. 

I worked extensively with Input-Output Analysis, mainly on the novel MultiRegional Input-Output Model EXIOBASE. 

EU projects:

- GLAMURS: Green Lifestyles, Alternative Models and Upscaling Regional Sustainability:

- DESIRE: Development of a System of Indicators for a Resource efficient Europe:

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications

Artistic productions

  • Vita, Gibran; Baumann, Henrikke. (2017) (still) hunters and gatherers. The Ethnografilm Festival, Paris, 2017.


  • Vita, Gibran. (2018) The Environmental Impacts of Human Needs and Lifestyles: Connecting the global economy, natural resources and human wellbeing. 2018. ISBN 978-82-326-3537-5.


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