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  • Weldehawaryat, Goitom Kahsay; Katt, Basel. (2018) Towards a Quantitative Approach for Security Assurance Metrics. The Twelfth International Conference on Emerging Security Information, Systems and Technologies; SECURWARE 2018 September 16, 2018 to September 20, 2018 - Venice, Italy.
  • Weldehawaryat, Goitom; Wolthusen, Stephen. (2015) Modelling Interdependencies over Incomplete Join Structures of Power Law Networks. 2015 11th International Conference on the Design of Reliable Communication Networks (DRCN).
  • Weldehawaryat, Goitom; Wolthusen, Stephen. (2015) Secure distributed demand projection in micro-grids. 2015 Global Information Infrastructure and Networking Symposium (GIIS 2015) Guadalajara, Mexico 28 – 30 October 2015 - Proceedings.
  • Weldehawaryat, Goitom; Wolthusen, Stephen. (2014) Asynchronous Binary Byzantine Consensus over Graphs with Power-Law Degree Sequence. Critical Infrastructure Protection VIII; 8th IFIP WG 11.10 International Conference, ICCIP 2014, Arlington, VA, USA, March 17-19, 2014, Revised Selected Papers.
  • Weldehawaryat, Goitom; Wolthusen, Stephen. (2013) Asynchronous Message-Passing Binary Consensus over Non-Complete Graphs. Proceedings of the IEEE 2nd International Network Science Workshop (NSW); West Point, NY, USA, April 29 2013-May 1 2013.