Background and activities

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Rector is the head of NTNU's academic and administrative activities.

  • Management
  • Specialist in neurology

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  • 2013–           Rector, NTNU
  • 2009–2013   Chief Executive Officer, Central Norway Regional Health Authority
  • 2006–2009   Chief Executive Officer, St. Olavs Hospital
  • 2005–2006   Vice Chief Executive, St. Olavs Hospital
  • 1999–2005   Dean, Faculty of Medicine, NTNU
  • 1996–1998   Vice Dean, Faculty of Medicine, NTNU
  • 1998–1999   Head of the Norwegian Neurological Association
  • 1998             Chief physician and Professor of neurology, Faculty of Medicine, NTNU
  • 1993    in neurology, University of Trondheim (now NTNU)
  • 1985   , University of Bergen

Boad and committee appointments and awards

Bovim has served on national and international committees and advisory boards on topics such as education, research, medicine and the health sector, including:

  • Member and head of the board of directors for the Research Council of Norway’s Division for Health and Society
  • Chairman of the Oslo University Hospital HF
  • Board member, Central Norway Regional Health Authority
  • Board member of the Bergen Research Foundation
  • Board member of the Trondheim Symphony Orchestra
  • Recipient of the Norwegian Migraine Society’s 1993 research prize

Management and administration at NTNU

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Scientific, academic and artistic work

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