Background and activities

The Silicon Process and Products. Environmental and Energy Standards.
  • The Silicon process - total process flow from raw material to end usage
  • Energy balance and Energy recovery
  • The Silicon process - environmental standards
  • Furnace operation and start up
  • Silicon and Ferrosilicon usage
  • Raw materials to the silicon process 
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    Journal publications

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    • Kamfjord, Nils Eivind; Tveit, Halvard; Solheim, Ingeborg. (2012) Pilot Scale Measurements of NO Emissions from the Silicon Process. 3rd International Symposium on High Temperature Metallurgical Processing.
    • Tveit, Halvard; Andersen, Vegar. (2012) The Norwegian power-intensive metallurgical industry and its role in the global household. Norwegian Energy Policy in Context of the Global Energy Situation.


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