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Background and activities



Name:                                                MYRVOLD Helge Elliot.

Born:                                                 November 3rd 1934 in Oslo, Norway.

Family                                               Wife – Ulla Myrvold, born 1937

                                                           Children – Ørjan, born 1962

                                                                              Kristina, born 1964

                                                                              Ulrik, born 1969            

Address (private):                 Skiringssalveien 38, 3213 Sandefjord, Norway

Address (professional):        Norwegian University of Science and Technology

                                               Faculty of Medicine

                                               Department of Cancer Research and Molecular Medicine

Postal adr. (professional):   IKM / MTFS 3 floor

                                               NO – 7489 Trondheim, Norway


Education and Academic degrees:

            1955 Examen artium. Sandefjord. Norway.

            1959 Cand. Med. Universität Zürich. Switzerland.

            1964 MD. University of Gøteborg. Sweden.

            1970 Speciality General Surgery. Sweden.

            1976 Medicine Doctor (PhD) University of Gøteborg. Sweden.

            1978 Docent University of Gøteborg, Sweden

            1982 Professor of Surgery. University of Trondheim. Norway.

            1986 Speciality Gastrointestinal Surgery. Norway.

            1999 European Board of Coloproctology  (EBSQ) Certified



Research and Professional Experience:

            1962 - 1965.   Research Assistant Department of Pathology.                                                                   University of Gøteborg. Sweden.

            1978 - 1979.   Research Fellow. Long Island Jewish Medical Center.

                                   Stony Broke University. NY. USA.

            1967 - 1970.   Resident. Department of Surgery. Regiona  Hospital.               Ørebro.     Sweden.             

             1970 - 1980.   Resident, Research Assistant and Chief Assistant. Department of                                                Surgery. Sahlgrenska Sjukhuset. University Hospital.

                                   Gøteborg. Sweden.

            1980 - 1982.   Consultant Surgeon. Assistant Professor of Surgery. Department of

                                   Surgery. Sahlgrenska Sjukhuset. Gøteborg. Sweden.

            1882 - 2003    Professor of Surgery. Head of Section of Gastrointestinal Surgery.

                                   Department of Surgery. University Hospital. Trondheim. Norway.

            2003 – 2004    Professor of Surgery. Research consultant. Consultant surgeon.

            2005 - 2011    Professor Emeritus in Surgery. Consultant in Research


                                   Research Supervisor - PhD Degrees:

            1980.               L.O. Nilsson. The Continent Ileostomy. Clinical and Experimental

                                   Study on the Long-term Effects on Mucosal Morphology, Intestinal                                    Absorption and Sexual Adjustment.

            1981.               L. Gustafsson. Blood Viscosity in Vivo. An Experimental Study in the

                                   Skeletal Muscle of the Dog.

            1981.               A. Falk. An Experimental Study on Cardiopulmonary Mechanisms.

            1986:              B. Ekmark. Volume Capacity, Pressure Characteristics and Expansion

                                   in Situ of Various Types of Intestinal Reservoirs. A Clinical and

                                   Experimental Study.

              2004             Arne Wibe. Rectal cancer treatment in Norway. Standardisation of surgery and quality assurence.

             2006               Birger Endreseth  " Rectal cancer. Complications and prognosis."

             2011               Hans Wasmuth. Ileal Pouches (Dr philos)


Student dissertation for cand. Med.

             1999              O Hanbali, ST Tømmerås. Recurrence after Treatment for Crohn's Disease

            2004                Marte Dunserud Rua. Parastoamal Hernias 


Publications:              184 scientific papers and book chapters and 263 published abstracts, mainly in the field of experimental shock and gastrointestinal surgery


                                    Regional Strategy for Surgical Research Helse-Vest.Bergen 2008. Chairman 


Faculty opponent (PhD):      University of Lund x 1

                                               University of Bergen x 2,

                                               University of Gothenburg x 2           .

                                               University of Trondheim x 5


Qualification evaluation of applicants for professor in surgery:

                                   University of Bergen, 1984,

                                   University of Oslo (Ullevål), 1985 

                                   University of Trondheim, 1986,

                                   University of Oslo (Aker), 1991

                                   University of Oslo (Aker) 1998

                                   University of Trondheim 1998                    

                                   University of Trondheim, 1999

                                   University of Oslo (SiA), 1999

                                   University of Trondheim, 2000

                                   University of Bergen, 2003


Editorial board:        Scandinavian Journal of Surgery

                                   European Surgical Research.

                                   The European Journal of Surgery



Visiting professor:    Bergen, Marburg, Østersund, Lille, Paris, Østersund, Singapore


Faculty Board Member, Faculty of Medicine, NTNU: 1984 – 1990


Chairman of research committee, Medical Faculty, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Trondheim: 1987 – 1990


Steering committees: Norwegian Gastro-Intestinal Cancer Group - 2004

                                    Norwegian Rectum Cancer Project  2004

                                    The Nordic Gord Study Group

                                    Norwegian FAP (Familial Adenomatous Polyposis) register -2005


Assignments               Consultant.  Norsk pasientskadeerstatning  2007 - 2009


UEMS Section of Surgery, Division of coloproctology (EBS Coloproctology) : Appointed Norwegian representative 1999 - 2005. Examinator: European Board of Surgical Qualification Coloproctology  (IBSQ Coloproctology) (i.e. European speciality in coloproctology) 1999 – 2005


Distinctions.               The Norwegian King's Order of Merit in Gold 2002 Kongens fortjenstmedalje i gull)


Membership:              Norwegian Surgical Society, Norwegian Society for Gastrointestinal Surgery, Norwegian Thoraco-Laparoscopic Forum, Norwegian Gastrointestinal Society, Scandinavian Surgical Society, European Shock Society, International Society of Surgery, Collegium Internationale Chirurgiae Digestivae, American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons, Society for Surgery of the Alimentary Tract, European Association of Colorectal Diseases (founding member), European Association for Endoscopic Surgery, European Society for Surgical Research, Groupe de Recherche et d’Etude de la Paroi Abdominale (GREPA). European Hernia Society, International Society for University Colon and Rectal Surgeons.


Honorary membership: Honorary Member of The Spanish Surgical Society 2007


Invited lecturer and chairman: More than 70 congresses and institutions in Norway and abroad.


Hospital committees  Væskeutvalget RiT, Instrumentutvalget RiT, Arbeidsgruppe for vurdering av NMR i Trondheim, Representant for RiT i det tidligere fagutvalg for dyrestallen, Medlem av katastrofeutvalget RiT 1992-95, Traumautvalget 1993-95, Arbeidsgruppe kirurgisk antibiotikaprofylakse, Arbeidsgruppe for tromboseprofylakse, Norsk rektum cancer gruppe, Budsjettutvalget DMF 1984-87.


Various                       Congress of Nordic Surgical Society Trondheim 1987. Head of local committee

                                    President of 4th International Congress of The European Association of Endoscopic Surgery, Trondheim 1996

                                    Establishing laparoscopic surgery in Trondheim 1990

                         Introducing Total Mesorectel Excision for rectal cancer surgery

                                    in Trondheim 1990



National project in Spain: Initiated a national quality control project for total mesorectal excision

                                   (TME) of rectal cancer.in Spain since 2004 (ongoing) together with

                                   Professor Hector Ortiz, Pamplona and Professor Arne Wibe, Trondheim




Trondheim 19 January  2012


                        Helge E Myrvold                          




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