Background and activities

Modelling of wind loading on bridgre decks. An exprimental study

The aerodynamic properties of the bride cross section is essential for design of long-span bridges. Phenomena as flutter, vortex shedding and buffeting response needs to be calculated using experimental data, which can be obtained from wind tunnel testing. There are two main types of wind tunnel set-ups, the free and the forces vibrational set up. NTNU has developed a state of the art forced vibrational set up that can force a cross section in arbitrary motion. With the possibility to test arbitrary motion, on top of the advantages of the forced vibrational set up of higher velocities, larger amplitudes and more intense turbulence gives a big advantages of developing new methods for describing the motion induced forces.


Research group

Structural Dynamics

Wind Tunnel Testing


Associate Professor Ole Øiseth

Professor Anders Rønnquist