Background and activities

Project title: Life Cycle Analysis of Winter Maintenance Operations in Norway

 - Special focus on E39 situation

Project duration 2015-2018

Supervisor Rolf André Bohne

Research group Building and Transport Engineering


Hrefna finished her bachelor studies in Industrial Engineering from the University in Reykkjavik in January 2008. Then after working for some time she started her master degree in Industrial Ecology at NTNU in 2009. Hrefna´s master thesis focused on use phase emissions from the Icelandic vehicle fleet and building scenarios for possible future share of the different fuels. After graduation in 2011 she worked for MiSA AS, specialized LCA and industrial ecology consultancy, untill she started as research assistant at NTNU in the fall of 2014 and moved on to a Ph.D. in January 2015.  

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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