Background and activities

My PhD project concerns the national memorials after the terror attacks in Oslo and on the island Utøya on July 22nd 2011. I examine how the commissioner is managing the process, through negotiations and discussions with artists/architects, the victims' families and the audience. I also study how the ongoing memorial processes relate to the creation of monuments and memorials in Norway after WWII.

The project is part of the research project titled "July 22 and the Negotiation of Memory", and is financed by NTNU and the Falstad Centre

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


Part of book/report

  • Fagerland, Tor Einar; Hjorth, Ingeborg. (2016) From Patriotic to Transnational Memory - Reflections on the Memorial Landscape of Norway ca. 1990-2014. Heritage, Democracy and the Public. Nordic Approaches.
  • Kjørholt, Ingvild Hagen; Langås, Arne; Hjorth, Ingeborg. (2015) Redaktørenes forord. Tusen dager i fangenskap - et personlig vitnesbyrd fra nazistenes dødsleirer (Frank Storm Johansen).


  • Hjorth, Ingeborg; Tvinnereim, Helga Stave. (2005) Nils Aas’ monument over kong Haakon VII. En analyse fra et semiotisk perspektiv. 2005.