Background and activities



Currently, I am a PhD candidate doing research on lithium metal batteries. I particular, I am intrested in the mechanisms of dendrite growth on the metal anode, which I study using density functional theory (DFT). 

Supervisor: Sondre K. Schnell

Co-supervisor: Sverre M. Selbach



I started on my 5 year master's degree in nanotechnology at NTNU in the fall of 2012. In my third year I chose to specialize in nanotechnology for materials, energy and the environment. The fourth year of my studies I spent abroad at UC Berkeley, California, where I was enrolled in the department of Materials Science and Engineering. After my return from the US, I started my master thesis on ab initio finite temperature simulations of the lattice thermal conductivity of XNiBi, X=(Sc, Y, La), -based half-Heuslers. I performed DFT simulations in combination with the TDEP method, utilizing molecular dynamics. I finished my master's degree in the spring of 2017.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


  • Røe, Ingeborg Treu; Selbach, Sverre Magnus; Løvvik, Ole Martin. (2017) Finite temperature ab initio simulations of the lattice thermal conductivity of XNiBi, X=(Sc, Y, La), based half-Heuslers. 2017.


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  • Røe, Ingeborg Treu. (2016) Simulation of Phonon Propagation in Thermoelectric Materials. Thelma International Workshop: Thermoelectrics riding the waves . Thelma, Nano2021 project; Hurtigruten, Norway. 2016-09-12 - 2016-09-16.