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PhD-project: Cameras and Kitchens: A critical study of the «women’s cinema» in Norway

Anja Breien, Nicole Macè, Laila Mikkelsen and Vibeke Løkkeberg made their directorial feature film debuts between 1971 and 1977, after ten years of seemingly male dominance in Norwegian cinema. These filmmakers have been discussed as a «women’s wave» in Norwegian film, and their feature film production is more than any other connected to «kvinnefilmen» (women’s cinema) – a term that was swiftly adopted in the film culture at the time. «Women’s cinema» and «women’s filmmaking» are concepts marked by a certain ambivalence; they are politically and symbolically important, yet they also designate a confining gender categorization. This ambivalence is present in Breien, Løkkeberg, Macé and Mikkelsen’s filmmaking and in their conception of their own roles and films.

This dissertation wishes to investigate the development of the category «kvinnefilm» in Norway in the 1970s and 1980s, and explore this history in an international context and as part of a discourse on film and feminism. The project’s material consists of short and feature films, both fiction and documentary, archival material from newspapers, film and cultural journals and periodicals, film historical writing and interviews.

The dissertation draws upon the Women’s Film and Television History Network, and aims to contribute to the initiative Nordic Women in Film.

Research interests:

  • Norwegian Film History
  • Feminist Historiography
  • Film Theory
  • Critical Theory


Bachelor degree in Humanities with specialization in Film Studies from NTNU (2013), Master of Arts in Film Studies from Columbia University (2015) as a Fulbright Foundation Flagship Fellow (2013). Worked as university lecturer in undergraduate level Film Studies at NTNU during Spring 2016. 

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