Background and activities

Ph.D. candidate at the Department of Mathematical Sciences, and associated with the URE (Uncertainty in Reservoir Evaluation) project.

Project working title
Statistical models for reduced uncertanty in overpressures and drilling window prediction ahead of the bit
Jo Eidsvik, Department of Mathematical Sciences, NTNU
Pierre Cerasi, SINTEF Petroleum Research

Research Interests:

  • Ensemble Kalman filter
  • Spatial statistics
  • Value of information
  • Bayesian inversion
  • Data assimilation


Fall 2016
MA8704 Probability Theory and Asymptotic Techniques
MA8001 Methods for spatial and spatio-temporal data and value of information analysis
Spring 2017
MA8701 General statistical methods
Fall 2017
TPG4185 - Formation Mechanics


Scientific, academic and artistic work

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