Jan Magnus Granheim Farstad

Assistant Professor

Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
+47 73593824
Verkstedteknisk, 241A, Gløshaugen, Richard Birkelands vei 2b

Background and activities

Jan Magnus Granheim Farstad

From 01.01.2017 it is called "Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering", where I still work as a PhD-student.

For the past few years, i have worked as an assistant professor at the Department of Engineering Design and Materials (IPM). Here, I have lectured and supervised students in lecture halls, exercise rooms and laboratories, from "Teknostart" to Master theses. From fall 2014, I am a PhD-student.

A list ("CV") of things i have done and are doing during my working career so far:
Phd candidate from 1. October 2014
Assistant Professor from september 2011
–Machine Design and Mechatronics
•Lectures, project supervision, lab-exercises
•Starting a new mechatronics student-lab at IPM
–Produktutvikling (sykkelprosjekt)
•Prosjektveiledning, labveiledning
–Plastisk deformasjon og brudd
–Praksiskurs og HMS for førsteårsstudenter ved PuP
–Veiledning av Masteroppgaver
Research Assistant from january 2009
–Materialteknikk 1
–Materialteknikk 2 (nå «Plastisk deformasjon og brudd»)
–Maskinkonstruksjon og mekatronikk
Master Thesis, spring 2008, IPM, NTNU
–«Fremtidens resirkuleringsstasjoner» (Tomra Automated Recycling Centre)















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