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  • Tjelflaat, Torill; Lurie, James M. (2010) Children in Norway - Welfare and Protection. Proceedings of the 20th Anniversary Conference School of Social Work Theory and Practice.
  • Lurie, James M. (2001) Barns rettigheter i barnevern etter innføring av lov om barneverntjenester: Er dagens praksis i samsvar med lovens intensjoner?. Sosialt Arbeid - Refleksjoner og nyere forskning.
  • Lurie, James M. (2000) Barnevernstjenestens arbeid med fylkesnemndssaker. Barnevern og Fylkesnemnd.
  • Lurie, James M. (1999) Child protection and children's rights: Impact of the Norwegian Child Protection Act of 1992. Challenging mentalities: implementing the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.
  • Lurie, James M. (1998) The impact of Norway's law of child protection services of 1992 on children's rights: a mixed message?. Exploring children's rights: third European Intensive Erasmus Course on Children's Rights.