Background and activities

Current research:

  • The use of alginate to synthesize novel heterogeneous catalysts.
  • The catalytic activity of the catalysts are tested in the Fischer Tropsch synthesis (FTS), where syngas (CO + H2) reacts to form hydrocarbons.
    • The aim of this work is to produce short-chain hydrocarbons with terminal double bonds (olefins).
    • Olefins are highly valuable building-blocks for the chemical industry, especially for the production of various polymers.
  • A special emphasis is placed on iron catalysts, as they can utilize syngas directly from carbon-rich feedstocks, such as biomass. 



2017 - Current PhD in Chemical Engineering, NTNU, Norway
    - Synthesis of novel catalysts by using alginate.           

2015 - 2017 MSc in Chemistry, NTNU, Norway
    - Specialization: Structural Chemistry            
    - Thesis: "Introduction of Rhenium into Porous Supports"

2012 - 2015 BSc in Chemistry, NTNU, Norway
    - Specialization: Applied Theoretical Chemsitry



  • TKJE3004 - Chemical Separations and Process Chemistry 
    • Course responsible, and reponsible for teaching process chemistry.
  • IMAK2005 - Chemical and biotechnological processtechnology
    • Reponsible for teaching chemical processtechnology.

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