Background and activities

The purpose of my PhD project is to determine the active heating and cooling strategies that are adapted for highly-insulated buildings, with a special focus on heat pump technologies and cold climate. The systems performance will be analysed in terms of energy efficiency, cost-effectiveness, thermal comfort and robustness for users (each of these dimensions is essential to ensure market penetration, user acceptance and correct operation).

Reducing energy use in buildings is the central part of the efforts to reach national and international targets for improved building energy performance (e.g. Nearly Zero Energy Buildings or Zero Emission Buildings). The main strategy to minimize this building energy use is to firstly reduce the energy needs, such as reducing the space-heating needs using thermal insulation of the building envelope, and secondly to implement energy-efficient systems to cover these limited needs. New buildings concepts are thus consistently based on highly-insulated building envelopes where the space-heating needs have been drastically reduced (e.g. passive house level).

The Energy and Indoor Environment group has a well-established expertise as regards energy supply systems and services in buildings.  For instance, the group is strongly involved in the Norwegian FME research centre on Zero Emission Buildings (ZEB) ( as well as in various IEA Tasks or Annexes.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Part of book/report

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