Background and activities

John Haddal Mork is a PhD-candidate working with parametric timber structures. The goal is to develop a parametric timber toolkit that simplifies the process of designing advanced structures. Special focus is to better integrate structural and manufacturing principles in all phases of design development. 

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications

  • Dyvik, Steinar Hillersøy; Mork, John Haddal; Manum, Bendik; Rønnquist, Anders; Labonnote, Nathalie. (2015) Avansert geometri - rasjonelt byggjeri?. Arkitektur N. vol. 6.


  • Labonnote, Nathalie; Mork, John Haddal; Gunleiksrud, Anders; Rønnquist, Anders; Manum, Bendik. (2015) Trondheim Holzbau Pier - The Elegance of Efficiency. IABSE, Elegance in Structures . IABSE; Nara. 2015-05-13 - 2015-05-15.
  • Manum, Bendik; Rønnquist, Anders; Mork, John Haddal; Gunleiksrud, Anders. (2015) The strength of weakness; the architectural potential of non-hierarchic load bearing. IABSE 2015, Elegance in Structures . Internat. Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering; Nara. 2015-05-13 - 2015-05-15.
  • Mork, John Haddal. (2015) Avanserte Trekonstruksjonar. SINTEF/ NTNU-AB, Seminar . SINTEF; Kvilhaugen Gård. 2015-04-16 - 2015-04-16.
  • Mork, John Haddal; Labonnote, Nathalie; Dyvik, Steinar Hillersøy. (2015) Kompleksitet i trearkitektur. Rambøll kompetanseutviklingsdag . Rambøll Trondheim; 2015-11-12.
  • Wellinger, Steffen; Mork, John Haddal; Gunnleiksrud, Anders; Solhaug Næss, Kristin; Østlie, Sebastian; Huus, Sunniva Vold. (2015) LIVE Studio - Reflections from Frirom and Tagpuro. Technoport [Kunstnerisk og museal presentasjon] . Technoport; Trondheim, St. Olav. 2015-03-18 - 2015-03-19.