Background and activities


Working within the field of process metallurgy and is responsible for:


  • High temperature laboratories with Graphite- , alumina tube furnaces, TGA and Viscometer.

  • Melt spinners with induction heating for rapid solidification of alloys.

  • Laboratory scale furnaces for raffining, casting and directional solidification of multicrystalline silicon.

  • Maintanance of thermocouples datatakers and loggers.

  • Purchases and inventory management of HMS equipment, crucibles, tubes and other items with high temperature resistance.

  • Develop gas and fluid systems connected to laboratory instrumentation. Certified in Swagelok System.

  • Economic management for Resources, Energy and Environment (REM) in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering.

  • Technical support to students and staff when developing laboratory and equipment.

  • Procurements of laboratory instrumentation