Background and activities

I'm currently doing a PhD in early-stage (“phase zero”) product development at NTNU. Here, I am part of a research group called TrollLABS, where we explore radical product innovations by prototyping our way through the pre-requirement stages of projects with large amounts of uncertainty and unknowns. 

In my PhD, I have been allowed to really dive deep into various aspects of prototyping, like how they’re used, why they’re used and various types of prototyping to employ in the industry. 

Being part of a research team that also focus on sensors and data analysis, I have been allowed to explore a multitude of analysis tools, including statistics (e.g. hypothesis testing, etc.), Latent-variable analysis (e.g. PCA) and finally Machine Learning. 

Many of the projects I have worked on also includes some kind of connectivity, which has lead me to accumulate valuable skills in programming, especially in analysis programming (mainly using Python) and UI programming (mainly using Javascript), but also for prototyping purposes (e.g. Arduino, Raspberry Pi, etc.).

I am trained in classical mechanical engineering, and in my M.Sc. I focused mainly on various aspects of product development, including prototypes and prototyping use-cases. I am also familiar with CAD and machine element constriction, as well as mechanics (both dynamics and statics) of materials and FEA. 

In my daily work, I also get to interact with our students, which I think is a blast. I enjoy being part of several projects at a time, but also being able to have a few projects that I dive deep into when I have the time. This way, I can keep myself busy with details when I can, yet still see the bigger picture around me.

If you are interested in getting in touch, either for collaborations or otherwise, please don’t hesitate - I look forward to hearing from you!

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