Background and activities

I'm on parental leave & vacation from end of June to mid October 2017. 

Spanish as a foreign language, the Dominican Republic & Haiti, implementing technology in teaching.

Tech, teaching and research. Past and present:
- PHD project: Studying percepions of "the other" in the Dominican-Haitian borderlands.
- Implementing and analyzing the use of digital resources as part of the one-year study programme in Spanish at NTNU. (Examples: mobile learning, p2p, distance learning, collaborative learning)
- Project (2009 - 2010) "Læring rett i lomma" with UiO, UiS, Norgesuniversitetet and HiL. Creation of user manual for podcasting in teaching. 
- Project: (2012 - 2014): "Visped". Teaching methods for online classrooms that encourage student participation.

- Teaching and course design: Introductory courses (SPA0501, 0502), An introduction to the culture, history and literature of the Spanish speaking world (SPA6302), Culture and society (Spain, SPA1402). 
- In charge of field trips to and around the Dominican Republic (2008, 2010 & 2015) for different employers, including the NTNU. 


- Teaching and course design: Literature from the Spanish speaking world, Society and culture in the Spanish speaking world, Migrations in teh Spanish speaking world. 


- Creating the one-year study programme in Spanish for NTNU with colleagues. 



Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications

Part of book/report

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