Background and activities

I obtained my bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Sao Paulo in 2011 and the PhD degree (without a Masters degree) at the same university in 2018. My thesis research was on Real-time Optimization (RTO), parameter estimation and process modeling (emphasis on equation oriented models) under the supervision of Prof. Galo Carrillo Le Roux. During the PhD, I spend 6 months working at NTNU under the supervision of Prof. Johannes Jäschke as a visiting PhD student. 

Currently, I'm working at NTNU SUBPRO Centre with Validation of Methods for Optimizing Remaining Useful Life (RUL). Here, I designed and set up a lab rig on which production optimization and accelerated life testing of critical components in oil production systems is carried out. 

The goals of the project are two-fold. First, to validate experimentally new production optimization approaches for gas-lift optimization using the lab rig. By studying these approaches' applicability in a more realistic setting, we will move them towards a higher TRL and closer to implementation in industry. Second, to combine these approaches with equipment health monitoring strategies. This combination aims to ensure that the remaining useful life of the equipment is longer than the time to the next planned maintenance stop while maximizing production.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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