Background and activities

My research is focusing on the "Plantwide Control" procedure developed by Sigurd Skogestad. Steady state optimization is a crucial part of this procedure. Hence the focus of my Ph.D. thesis is set on developing a new methodology for optimizing integrated processes with simultaneously implementing insights obtained from process knowledge. This includes the application of surrogate models, intelligent sampling for surrogate model generation as well as self-optimizing control.

Teaching Duties

  • TKP4140 - Process Control
  • TKP4555 - Specialization Course: Advanced Process Control

Short CV:

  • Since 10. 2014: Ph.D. student in the Process Systems Engineering Group, NTNU.
  • 06.2013 - 06.2014: Research assistant, ICB, ETH Zurich.
  • 09.2011 - 02.2013: M.Sc. with distinction in Chemical and Bio Engineering, ETH Zurich.
  • 09.2008 - 02.2012: B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering, ETH Zurich

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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