Background and activities

I am employed as a PhD candidate at the Department of Energy and Proses Engineering and the Department of Material Science and Engineering. My office and laboratory is at Kalvskinnet in Trondheim, where I also teach basic LabVIEW to third year bachelor students. You can read briefly about my project and the importance of it below.

My project

My goal is to make renewable energy sources favorable over fossil energy sources. A major problem with current renewable energy sources is that they are intermittent (like the Sun's day / night cycle) and not available where we need it (like the potential energy in waterfalls). This is why we need to find a way to store the renewable energy in cost-effective large scales.

I am researching concentration batteries, where you charge the battery simply by separating brackish water into salt and fresh water (left Figure) through membranes. The battery can then be discharged by mixing the salt and fresh water through the same membranes, making brackish water (middle Figure). This is achieved using a technique called reversed electrodialaysis (right Figure).


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