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Objective statement of PhD - Integrated Hot Forming and Heat Treatment of Age Hardenable Aluminium Alloys

The automotive industry is searching for lightweight solutions to meet steadily stricter authority emission regulations. Development of an integrated hot forming and in-die quenching process will leverage use of high specific strength age hardenable aluminium alloys. The energy and cost saving process in combination with improved geometrical tolerances, formability and mechanical product properties compared to traditional cold and warm forming opens for application in volume car manufacturing. The key input parameters for processability and product properties will be determined to establish a finite element based simulation model.

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  • Westermann, Ida; Snilsberg, Knut Erik; Holmedal, Bjørn; Hopperstad, Odd Sture; Marthinsen, Knut. (2010) Bendability and Fracture Behaviour of Heat-treatable Extruded Aluminium Alloys. Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Aluminium Alloys (ICAA12).