Background and activities

PhD candidate at NTNU, Institute of Biology and Institute of Industrial Economics and Technology Management, Head of IPR team at NTNU Technology Transfer. Also researcher at CIP, Center for Intellectual Properties. Recently we have investigated the landscape of the genomic platform CRISPR, Clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats, and the varoius parties controlling the patent landscape.

The thesis will look into 3 areas related to patent pooling in societal and industrial value creation:
1.    Does the pooling of patent documents stimulate innovation? What are the advantages associated with the type of business model and more importantly does such an intellectual property strategy influence industry and entrepreneurs in the Nordic region?
2.    What are the disadvantages of the different models of pooling patents? What negative effective will the business operation provide on Nordic industry and innovation? Eg. the impact of antitrust regulations compared with the consumer electronics sector.
3.    What is the motivation of each of the classified model? Each entity has their own impact in society, but is it possible to objectively measure which has the most overall social value?
4.    Can patent pooling and aggregation of patent documents and other IPR's foster more open ness and increased developments and the same time provide larger incentives for the industry to increase their investments?

There are research indications that patent pooling and standard setting have become bureaucratic processes that will create antitrust and competition concerns. The hypothesis in biotech is that lack of pooling has led to such a patent thicket as to substantially stifle innovation and threaten advancement of medical insights and treatment possibilities. This thesis will thus investigate some of the difficulties encountered in biotech when it comes to innovation and discuss aspects that touch on the effect of pooling to overcome innovation barriers.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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  • Lie, Haakon Thue; Egelie, Knut Jørgen. (2020) Balansen mellom publisering og hemmelighold – tilgang til forskningsresultater i samarbeidsprosjekt mellom akademia og industri. Immaterialrett, kontrakter og erstatning.


  • Egelie, Knut Jørgen; Balle, Morten; Berg, André; Berg, Tove; Børke, Ola; Hofseth, Svein; Jørstad, Kristin; Kristiansen, Ewy; Nordbø, Anna; Solvang, Lars-Erik. (2006) Rapport fra et rådgivende forum oppnevnt av Nærings- og handelsdepartementet: Tiltaksplan for økt kompetanse i industrielle rettigheter. Universitetsforlaget. 2006.