Background and activities

Knut Samset is Professor of Project Management at the Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway . He is the director of the Concept Research Programme on Front-end Management of Large Investment Projects, and founding director and senior partner of Scanteam , an international consultancy based in Oslo.
He has extensive experience as researcher and advisor to national and international organisations in the fields of risk management, appraisal, planning and evaluation of investment cases, projects and programmes. He has provided technical assistance, to governments in many countries, and undertaken studies and evaluations on behalf of the governments of the Nordic countries and Japan, UN agencies, OECD, The World Bank, and several nongovernmental organisations. He is presently teaching Master’s and PhD level courses on Front-end management of projects, Project planning, evaluation, and Qualitative research methodology. His current research is on project governance, front-end planning and decision making, and appraisal and quality assurance of major investments. He has published a large number of research reports and papers and is the author of several books on technology assessment, project design, evaluation and front-end management of projects


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