Background and activities

Hi, I am Koteswara Rao Putta working on renewable energy technologies. I did my PhD in Carbon Capture Technology Development at NTNU with Prof. Hallvard Svendsen and Prof. Hanna Knuutila.

After my PhD, i worked for National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL/DOE-USA), Pittsburgh on Carbon Capture Simulation for Industry Impact (CCSI2)  on the development of process models for 2nd generation solvents for CO2 capture.

Last year, i moved back to NTNU to work on NFR- ENERGIX funded project BIO-FT: Innovative biomass to Fischer Tropsch synthesis.

My competencies are:

1. SynGas Technology: Natural gas steam reforming, Auto-thermal reforming for synthesis gas generation, syngas to Hydrogen, Methanol  and Ammonia conversion technologies, Hydrogen production from Natural gas pyrolysis 

2. Renewable Energy Technologies: Biomass gasification, biosyngas to Methanol, Biomass/biogas to aviation Fuels and gasoline conceptual process design, development and optimization

3. CO2 capture technologies: Process design, development of rate-based models for technology validation and scale-up using lab-,bench- and pilot-scale experimental data, revamping of existing CO2 capture processes and Technology feasibility studies

4. Renewable Energy Integration: Integration studies in to chemical process industry, production of renewable hydrogen using electrolysis, sustainable ammonia synthesis using wind energy

5. Proposals: Technical project proposals development for bidding and research project proposal preparation for funding

Tools: Matlab, Aspen Plus and Hysys, Unisim Design


Open for collaborations in Carbon capture, Renewable energy technologies integration and Innovative conceptual process designs.



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