Background and activities

Kristoffer works on supporting innovation among researchers (ocean, marine-related technologies, petroleum and geology). He runs "Ocean School of Innovation" that helps young researchers with development of competence in innovation. In addition, Kristoffer coordinates innovation-related activities at Department of Geoscience and Petroleum.

Since 2017 Kristoffer has been developing software StoRM in cooperation with Technology Transfer Office NTNU and Department of Geoscience and Petroleum that supports geological exploration and basin modelling. For details see:


Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


  • Grøver, Arnt; Zieba, Krzysztof Jan; Bakk, Audun; Frette, Olav Inge; Fjær, Erling; Beredi, Laura. (2016) Impact of Cenozoic structural development and glacial erosion on gas expansion, hydraulic fracturing and leakage in the Western Barents Sea. 2016.