Background and activities


Postdoc project: Wind farm control. 

Postdoc Project Objective: The project is partly founded by OPWIND. The goal is the development of control algorithms for coordinated control of wind turbines in a wind farm. My main focus is on modifier adaptation using Gaussian processes to correct for plant-model mismatch. The method improves the wind farm model and helps to converge to the optimal operation point. 

Phd project: Iceberg drift estimation and forecast.

Main Supervisor: Lars Imsland

Co-supervisor: Francesco Scibilia, Sveinung Løset, Tor Arne Johansen

PhD Project Objective: Operational iceberg drift prediction algorithms have available only limited information. It is therefore paramount to make an optimum use of measurements available together with suitable mathematical models. My goal is to investigate possible improved drift estimations and predictions by using optimization algorithms and techniques from control theory.

Background: I have a Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering and a Master of Science in chemical/process engineering from the RWTH Aachen.



Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications

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