Background and activities

Background and Projects

I have an interdiciplinary academic background, with an MA in archaeology and human/animal osteology. This background has enabled a PhD research project which focus on social organization during the Late Iron Age/Viking Age Norway.

The current project (2017-2021) which  has its research foundation on Viking Age burials from almost all regions in Norway will, by the application of Isotopes results, osteological analysis, discussions of archaeological material and ancient DNA further knowledge about the then current social structure.


Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications

  • Mühlemann, Barbara; Vinner, Lasse; Margaryan, Ashot; Wilhelmson, Helene; de la Fuente Castro, Constanza; Allentoft, Morten E.; Damgaard, Peter de Barros; Hansen, Anders Johannes; Nielsen, Sofie Holtsmark; Strand, Lisa Mariann; Bill, Jan; Buzhilova, Alexandra; Pushkina, Tamara; Falys, Ceri; Khartanovich, Valeri; Moiseyev, Vyacheslav; Jørkov, Marie Louise Schjellerup; Sørensen, Palle Østergaard; Magnusson, Yvonne; Gustin, Ingrid; Schroeder, Hannes; Sutter, Gerd; Smith, Geoffrey L.; Drosten, Christian; Fouchier, Ron A. M.; Smith, Derek J.; Willerslev, Eske; Jones, Terry C.; Sikora, Martin. (2020) Diverse variola virus (smallpox) strains were widespread in northern Europe in the Viking Age. Science. vol. 369 (6502).