Background and activities

Doctoral degree in Biotechnology, NTNU, with focus on defence mechanisms in strawberries against the pathogen Botrytis cinerea 

Presently working with general aspects of food safety,  and identification and charaterisation of important food microorganisms 

Lunarplant: Hydroponic Plant Cultivation on a Lunar Base Using Nutrient Sources from Human Waste (2021-2025);  Financed by NFR

TRACEListeria: Tracing Listeria monocytogenes during production of salmon  (2019-2022); Financed by FHF

Supervisor for bachelor, master and PhD students within food safety and food microbiologi with phenotypic and genotypic methods. 

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


  • Lerfall, Jørgen; Hannisdal, Atle; Hoel, Sunniva; Jakobsen, Anita Nordeng; Mehli, Lisbeth; Kjønvik, Elisabeth Hassel. (2020) Fareanalyse for å finne mulige kontamineringspunkter og smitteveier for L. monocytogenes ved produksjon av atlantisk laks (Salmo salar L.). 2020.


  • Thomassen, Gunn Merethe Bjørge; Krych, Lukas; Knøchel, Susanne; Mehli, Lisbeth. (2021) Efficient strain-level discrimination of the food pathogen Listeria monocytogenes. 35th EFFoST International Conference . EFFoST; Lausann, Switzerland. 2021-11-01 - 2021-11-04.