Background and activities

My research addresses:

  • The anthropology of law and human rights
  • The anthropology of uncertainty and contingency (risk)
  • Gender and sexuality 
  • Medical anthropology and Health system research
  • Modernisation and globalisation
  • Global Mental health 
  • Religion

Research project: 

Uncertainties of Contemporary Lives in Neoliberal Tanzania: The Interfaces of Local and Global Forces:

1) Gender Equality before the Law: The interfacces between transnational legal rights and local law/ indeas of justice, and

2) The ethnography of mental health.

Research Group: Global inequality

Leiar av NFR forskningsprosjekt (2013- 2016): Global Soical Inequality: The anthropology of Uncertainty, Contingency and Future Orientation

Some recent publications:

2020: "Bodily Grief Work meets Christian Interioriy. The Meru Case". Death Studies.

2019: Negotiating Gender Justice in Tanzania, in Ethnos.

2018: Death, Mourning, and Burial: A Cross-Cultural Reader — 2nd Edition. Wiley-Blackwell 2018 ISBN 978-1119151746. ‘We Are Tired of Mourning!’ The Economy of Death and Bereavement in a Time of AIDS (s. 250-262).

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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  • Haram, Liv. (2018) Localizing Ontologies of Uncertainty in Neoliberal Tanzania. Edges of Global Transformation: Ethnographies of Uncertainty.
  • Haram, Liv. (2018) ‘We Are Tired of Mourning!’ The Economy of Death and Bereavement in a Time of AIDS. Death, Mourning, and Burial: A Cross-Cultural Reader — 2nd Edition.


  • Aspen, Harald; Haram, Liv; Larsen, Anne Kathrine. (2017) The Hot Lava Edge of Cultural Flows: Global Social Inequality and the Anthropology of Uncertainty, Contingency and Future Orientation. SU-konferansen . Fakultet for samfunns- og utdanningsvitenskap; Trondheim. 2017-03-16.
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