Background and activities

Research on socio-metabolic analysis for climate change mitigation via stock dynamics in services. Teaching assistant in the courses TEP4285 and TEP4290.

Area of Work

  • PhD Candidate under Daniel B. Müller in the programme of Industrial Ecology with focus on socio-metabolic analsysis for climate change mitigation in services via stock dynamics.
  • Teaching assisstant in the courses: Material Flow Analysis - MFA- (TEP4285) and Modelling of Built Environment Systems (TEP4290).
  • Co-supervisor of Industrial Ecology Master Student under Daniel B. Müller.


Skills and Expertise

  • Stationary, quasi-stationary and dynamic material flow analysis and stocks modelling.
  • Competency in life cycle assessment (LCA) and environmental extended input-output analysis (EEIO).
  • Environmental impact assessment and management in construction projects.
  • MATLAB and STAN Software. Montecarlo simulation.




  • MSc. in Industrial Ecology at NTNU. Thesis topic: Life cycle assessment of fuel cell vehicles.
  • Business Management Specialist (Universidad Libre de Colombia).
  • BSc. in Environmetal Engineering (Universidad Libre de Colombia). Thesis area: Municipal solid waste management.

Work Experience

  • Summer intern at Statoil (years 2012 and 2013). Life cycle assessment and environmental risk assessment on terrestiral and acuatic environments.
  • Public servant as environmental engineer and auditor in the General Comptroller Office of Colombia (2 years).
  • Diverse positions as environmental advisor and environmental specialist in construction projects in the private sector in Colombia (3 years).


Other Interests

  • Sustainable urban planning.
  • Sustainability issues in the developing world.
  • Bass player and drummer.
  • Painting and architecture.
  • Cosmology and astrophyisics.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


  • Vasquez, Felipe. (2018) Demographically- Extended Socioeconomic Metabolism: A step towards addressing human needs and wants in resources' modelling. 2018. ISBN 978-82-326-3256-5.