Background and activities

PhD student at Excited Center for excellence in education focusing on IT students' study habits in the first year. My research is on how students study and learn, and how they develop good study and learning behavior. An essential aspect of this research is finding good tools to evaluate students' learning trajectories, therefore a lot of my work revolves around finding the good data sources, variables and analytic methods. Currently, I am using both existing data sets to find new information as well as developing innovative ways to evaluate our students' learning. 

Besides my research, I have been involved in educational activities and various projects during my time as a PhD student here so far. Here is a summary: 

  • Coordinator for various introductory programming courses (TDT4110, TDT4109, TDT4127, TDT4105 and TDT4100)
  • Responsible for the teaching assistant training at IDI (LAOS)
  • Conference chair for Catch IDI, a research conference for all students and staff at IDI
  • Representative for temporary scientific staff in the extended leader group
  • Member of the Future of PhD programs at the IE faculty
  • Member of the Future of technology studies at NTNU
  • Involved in the Ada and Idun projects focusing on including more females in the IT and technology fields

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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