Background and activities

I have a masters degree in materials science and technology from NTNU, with focus on materials for energy technology. This includes basic knowledge in physics, chemistry, mechanics, IT, etc., and more in-depth knowledge of production, optimization and characterization of metals and ceramics. 
My specialization lies within functional materials, in particular lead-free piezoelectric ceramics. Functional materials are used for their non-mechanical properties, such as optical, electric, magnetic or chemical properties. I have taken several courses on solar cells, fuel cells, nano materials, ceramic materials, solid state physics etc. 
My master thesis was on lead-free piezoelectric ceramics. It involved solid state synthesis and characterization of multiferroic bismuth ferrite in solid solution with bismuth potassium titanate. The goal was to investigate the origin of conduction in the material through defect engineering and stoichiometry variation.
My PhD work is within a project called Beat the Human Eye, administered by poLight AS. poLight has developed a new small footprint, fast auto focus, human eye inspired camera lens technology meant for mobile phone cameras and similar devices. The current solution use a lead zirconate titanate (PZT) actuator to deform a polymer lens for changing focus distance. My part in the project is to replace the PZT actuator with a less toxic and more environmentally friendly lead-free alternative. This includes selecting a suitable piezoelectric material system, optimizing this material through chemical and other parameters, and designing the synthesis route for large scale production of the lens as a whole.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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