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Magnus Kringstad Olsen is a PhD Candidate in the Research Group of Experimental Surgery and Pharmacology at the Department of Cancer Research and Molecular Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, NTNU under supervision of Professor Duan Chen and Dr. Chun-Mei Zhao. In addition, he works as the administrative assistant of the Gastrointestinal Section at the International Union of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology. His main research is on translational medicine, obesity and diabetes.



PhD Candidate in molecular medicine – still ongoing (set to finish in 2017)

Master Degree (MSc) in molecular medicine from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) (2014)

Master Degree in (MSc) in molecular medicine from University of California, San Diego (2013)

Bachelor Degree (BSc) in molecular medicine & biochemistry from University of Essex (2011)


Long Bio

My main area of research is obesity and diabetes. The prevalence of obesity have increased rapidly for several decades, and are reaching epidemic and even pandemic proportions, hence new minimally invasive treatments are long overdue. The way we do research is by something called translational medicine. Translational medicine is a “bench-to-bedside” approach where medical improvements, being surgery or other treatments, are being implemented into the community. For the treatment of obesity I mainly work on Botox-injections in the stomach, and various restriction-regiments to reduce body weight in diet-induced obese rats. It has been well-documented that obese patients that are diagnosed with type II diabetes, that undergo bariatric surgery experience an improvement of the diabetes before they see reductions in body weight. In close collaborations with a group at University of Oxford, we investigate why we see this improvement and if these improvements can be potentially new treatments for people with type I and II diabetes.

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Journal publications


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