Background and activities

Malena is involved in several projects concerning technology development and innovation in B2B and industrial/technology-based firms. Her main interests are the interaction processes between firms and the effects of different types of business relationships on innovation. The interplay between business and other types of settings in innovation processes are also central to her research, such as public policy actors, academic research environments, and health care.

In the SISVI project (Sustainable Innovation and Shared Value Creation in Norwegian Industry) the main concern is how interaction in business networks affects the achievement of sustainable innovation. The project involves industrial partners and the goal is to develop new knowledge as well as methods for developing sustainable supply networks in Norwegian industry. For more information:

In a European research project concerning innovation in the construction industry Malena is coordinating a research effort in achieving a comparative study of construction innovation across seven European countries. Focus lies on the interface between health care and construction and how innovative solutions can create shared value for the industry and for society through the provision of efficient health care.  

Another research project concerns the strategies and effects of innovation-supporting systems at unversities - The Innovating University. The aim of this project is to map and analyse different innovation-supporting systems and the outcomes in terms of spinn-offs and new products. A multilevelled analysis is performed including the institutional setting of the system, the organization(s) of the internal system, and the (eventual) commercialisation projects that come out as a result.

Malena is also involved in the IMP research community and is currently on the advisory board for the IMP Symposium 2016. For more information:

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications

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  • Havenvid, Malena Ingemansson. (2017) Starting up from Science: The case of a university-organised commercialisation Project. Starting Up in Business Networks Why Relationships Matter in Entrepreneurship.
  • Havenvid, Malena Ingemansson; La Rocca, Antonella. (2017) New Business Development in Business Networks. No Business is an Island: Making Sense of the Interactive Business World.