Background and activities

I obtained my Master degree in “Pharmaceutical chemistry and technologies” at Sapienza Università di Roma (Italy). I have been always interested in the interpretation and investigation of biological processes using mass spectrometry-based techniques. So I chose to study during my master thesis the structure and reactivity correlation of solvent-free ions of anti-cancer platinum derivatives using mass spectrometry. Then I began my PhD studies at Bielefeld University (Germany) with a project about analytical development in MALDI-ToF-mass spectrometry imaging of human tissues. I applied my expertise in mass spectrometry and ion chemistry in this new and promising field of mass spectrometry and was able to cope with several biological questions regarding defensive mechanisms in insects, evaluation of CO2 release from beads and phenotyping of biotechnologically relevant bacteria. Besides that, I also developed skills in the design and organic synthesis of new MALDI matrices. A vacuum stable proton sponge derivative, maleic anhydride proton sponge was synthesized and applied as a deprotonating and reactive matrix in MALDI-MSI to detect important cancer biomarkers and alcoholic compounds, respectively. After my PhD, I continued my research during a postdoctoral fellowship still at Bielefeld University to study new matrix materials as well as new mechanisms of analytes ionization. I investigated a new class of matrix based on conjugated polymers e.g. polythiophene and applied it in the detection of low molecular weight compounds without any related-polymeric matrix interference. Now, since October 2019 my research career continues at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in the field of MSI-based method development in combination with gas chromatography-mass spectrometry aiming to unravel the complex chemistry of biology and to fill the gap between fundamental and applicative research. In detail, my research interest is to characterize the cellular membrane composition of breast cancer tissues and investigate its role in communication within microenvironments.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


  • Timir, Tripathi; Giampà , Marco. (2022) Advances in Protein Molecular and Structural Biology Methods. Elsevier. 2022. ISBN 9780323902649.

Part of book/report

  • Herrera, Maria Georgina; Giampà , Marco; Tonali, Nicolo; Dodero, Veronica I.. (2022) Multimodal Methods to Study Protein Aggregation and Fibrillation. Advances in Protein Molecular and Structural Biology Methods.